Here is the first of the set of full page illustrations painted for a Middle Grade fantasy book titled The Sorcerer's Dog. It' an unusual story with many themes that are not very often present in books addressed to the young readers, including a depression in young people.  
The scene from this illustration takes place a few weeks after the boy's dog had gone missing. The loss of the furry friend has left the boy devastated and gradually shutting himself off. The girl, the only person at school he would call a friend, is worried about him; she's afraid she's loosing contact with her - already withdrawn - friend. She offers walking him home and talking about his favourite Sci Fi books, but he insists on searching for his pupil and, to her dismay, he heads off another direction.   
All illustrations are painted on 16 in x 12 in paper with watercolours, gouache and rendered with coloured pencil. 
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