Step into Serenity: A solitary figure in his thirties sits on the doorstep of a quaint house surrounded by enchanting apple trees. The house stands an otherworldly landmass suspended and adrift in the evening sky, while the dark blue heavens are gently illuminated by the radiant presence of the Moon, peering from behind delicate clouds. The painting evokes a profound sense of tranquillity and contentment in solitude, rendered through a palette of muted, neutral tones with shades of blue and a soft, pale-yellow Moon, contrasted by the warm, inviting orange glow emanating from the house.
I created an alternative illustration for a psychology magazine, complementing an insightful article that explores the merits of solitude and emphasizes the importance of self-care. The primary goal behind this image was to evoke a sense of tranquility. To achieve this, I employed a limited palette, selecting muted hues that convey a serene ambiance. My aim was to visually enhance the narrative, providing viewers with a moment of introspection and a gentle reminder of the restorative power found in moments of solitude.

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