Alternative book cover for 'I, Robot' by Isaac Asimov: An android is suspended in a fluid within womb-like container. The robot, in its foetal position, conveys vulnerability of becoming alive.
I designed this book cover for Isaac Asimov's series of short Sci-Fi stories written between 1940 and 1950, centred around the ethical interactions between humans and robots. Notably, the anthology introduced the Three Laws of Robotics. 
Considering recent advancements in AI, machine learning, and robotics, the idea of sentient and 'feeling' machines appears more plausible than ever. As discussions on personhood extend beyond primates, to mammals such as elephants, dolphins, and killer whales, potentially impacting laws, a similar shift may occur for self-aware machines. Through my illustration, I aim to provide a thought-provoking commentary on Asimov's works, specifically delving into the personhood of androids and our ethical responsibilities as their creators.
In the illustration, I depict the android suspended in a fluid within a womb-like container. The creature, in its foetal position, conveys vulnerability of becoming alive.
Below, you will find some of the steps taken during the creative process of bringing this illustration to life:

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