A custom-made wedding invitation, hand-drawn and unique, designed specifically to capture the personality of the clients. It depicts the newlywed couple on the theatre's stage with their animal companions, capturing their passion for theatre, love for their cats and dogs, as well as their interest in tabletop games. This bespoke invitation is an example of visual storytelling at its best, with accents of humour and a fresh approach to the traditional formula of wedding invitations. It puts the newlyweds at the centre of their own story.
This unique wedding invitation was inspired by my clients’ shared passion for theatre, the husband’s fondness for fantasy games and Corgis, and his wife’s attachment to her feline companion. Surely, life isn’t a fairytale; however, the playful style and vibrant colors I used in this project capture the enthusiasm of the newlywed couple as they embark on their shared journey. 
From the moment their guests lay eyes on this invitation, they'll be transported to a world where imagination knows no bounds, and so does love.

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