A bespoke 2D digital game asset in the shape of a campaign map for a Community Campaign, 'Flame and Shadow', for the Songs of Conquest game. It has been tailored to depict the story written by the client. This commission illustrates a region called 'Southern Nasmir', representing a mix of woodlands, three small villages, a mountain range, a river, a lake, and even a small desert where a wizard's tower stands. The 2D game asset has been designed to successfully imitate the map being hand-drawn on real paper.
I have created this set of digital assets for Flame and Shadow, a community campaign for Song of Conquest, a turn-based strategy game inspired by 90s classics like Heroes of Might and Magic. The campaign is available here.
In making the illustrations, I carefully considered all aspects of the game environment they would be presented in, such as the layout of panels, colors and tones of generic game assets, and most importantly, the narrative they would support.
Below, you can see how these assets appear in the game.:

Other works:

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